Zarządzać po ludzku - kampania społeczna

Few companies that are using organizational democracy to achieve success:

Atlas Container Corporation, Severn, Maryland

How does an old-line manufacturer in a stagnant industry manage to grow 25% a year for over 10 years? By taking its employees seriously. Learn more

General Electric, Durham, North Carolina

The General Electric plant in Durham, North Carolina builds some of the world's most powerful jet engines. But the plant's real power lies in the lessons that it teaches about the future of work and about workplace democracy. Learn more


Motek makes software that tracks the movement of goods in warehouses. But the leadership breakthrough that may prove most important for Motek's future – and and most effective for securing its sustainable growth – isis organizational democracy. Learn more

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, New York City, New York

The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra is a Grammy-wining conductorless orchestra with a radical approach to leadership that has become a compelling metaphor for business. Learn more.

Point B Solutions Group, Seattle, Washington

Point B is a consulting firm committed to work without unproductive office politics, layers of management or titles. Instead, Point B’s organizational strategy is a self-propelled, self-policing or "peer-oriented culture." Learn more

Semco, Sao Paulo, Brazil

When Ricardo Semler took over Semco in 1980, it was an autocratically-run manufacturing company headed for financial ruin. A brave and audacious young CEO, Semler transformed the company into a model democratic workplace, ushering in an era of 900 percent growth and industry leadership. Learn more

Southwest Airlines, Dallas, Texas

Southwest Airlines is well known for offering low-cost flights with cheeky in-flight attendants. The company has enjoyed profitablity for over 30 consecutive years, average annual growth of 64 percent, the best safety record of any airline, and three prestigious Triple Crown awards. What fuels their success? A work environment that is highly participatory, democratic, and fun. Learn more

W.L. Gore, Newark, Delaware

At W.L. Gore, innovation is more than skin deep: Their democratic culture is as imaginative as their products. Learn more


John Mackey's approach to management is equal parts Star Trek and 1970s flashback. It seems like a recipe for disaster, but at Whole Foods it's a prescription for world-beating growth – and maybe for a world-changing company. Learn more